Sweet Dreams

I recently saw a trailer for Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" video on someone's blog. (I cant remember who... I'm so sorry i cant reference you.) And it looked hot and had me somewhat anticipating the video...

It's out now, and i must say it is hot. I like it... i dunno what else to say. lol. I love the direction she's going with her dancing and the cinematography to show off those moves. My boyfriend and i were talking about why Jackson's moves were so catchy. Among several other things, Michael had signature moves, and the cinematography allowed for viewers to easily see, analyze, and learn the dances. This is probably why the "Single Ladies" dance caught on like rapid fire.

And big ups to Jaquel Knight, a choreographer behind the "Single Ladies" dance, along with Frank Gaston. I'm so proud of him. He went to my high school, now look at him getting props from Beyonce, herself, at the BET Awards. Congratulations! His moves have always been on point. I wonder if he also choreographed "Sweet Dreams"... hmmm....

Well, here's the video:

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