Stay Focused and...

I draw this heart frequently... as bullets in my notes, just as a sketch, and for whatever. My boyfriend suggested that i actually make it neat instead of a sketch all the time so... TA-DA!!! lol. =)

The heart is a reminder to "pour my heart" into everything i do. So hopefully, this is also an inspiration to you.

Love & Life,

PS. Soliveit is my deviantART username...


  1. i know someone with a name like that or similar to it on TFS....

    that heart is awesome btw, you should market it or something.. if I was in stores and saw it on a tshirt i would buy it...but not online because i dont have a card =/

    oh... can you help me figure out deviantART??? i'll mostly be on it for literature....but i made one yesterday and couldn't figure out where to edit the page and all that good stuff >.>

  2. i should market it huh? that would be cool... =)

    DA can be tricky sometimes. Try clicking on your literature from the gallery to see it by itself. Then, you should see a list of icons to your right... Click the icon 3rd from last. It'll take you to the edit page.

    Good luck. Let me know if you need some more help. Watch me on deviART. The button should say "+deviantWATCH" near the top right of my page...


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