None like Comic-Con

I can only imagine the excitement of being at Comic-Con, one of the largest comicbook conventions. I recently had plans to go to an Anime Convention with my brother and boyfriend, but I totally forgot to get coverage for my shift at work! Ugh! I was so upset. But it's okay. There's always next year i guess.

Anywho, enjoy these pics from Comic-Con:

For more pics, Click Here.


  1. it looks like it would be fun, maybe one day lol

  2. Wow... I've only heard about those through television shows. It looks like great fun, but I don't read too many comics :S

    well...any at all...

    I'd like to go one day though... anime convention as well, though I don't know too much about that either... any suggestions of where to start[with anime]? I've been watching Claymore... it's crazy man... I've got 4-6 episodes left I think. Oh btw... I was wondering about what you were doing with music... umm could you tell me about it in an email if you get a chance? My emails in my profile I think.

  3. i should go to this one day. hmm, im nerd enough.


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