A Light in My Eye

It's hard to say you'll miss something you never really appreciated until its gone or is threatened to go away.

Well that's the case with the fire fly. I read a while ago that they're well on their way to becoming extinct...

So... how often do you see fireflies? Have u noticed their decline?

The article i read said it's partly due to people(kids) catching them and not letting them go. Nooo!!! How could those summer nights, so long ago, with my brothers catching fire flies have been so bad? And children catching fire flies is like a classic thing... Think, we may never see this tradition ever again.

The article also said artificial lights at night confuse fire flies and throws of their mating patterns. This is crazy! Who'd thought human development can affect a species so much.

So, ever since i read this article i looked around and rarely saw a fire fly. I would say never but i dunno... i had to see at least one, right??? Well, i did last night. Actually i saw two! And my boyfriend snapped the picture of my expression. lol.

Hopefully now that it's a little deeper into summer i'll see more... It's funny because i never cared so much. And now i'm all "Save the Fire Flies" and such. lol. Every creature is precious, especially one that can bring a sense of beauty and grace to any environment.

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  1. You're lucky, we don't even get them out here at all :\


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