Barbie and Twiggy

So i was looking up 60's fashion because a couple of friends and i were talking about how fashion is recycling itself, and i ran across a picture of Twiggy. I was first introduced to Twiggy thru America's Next Top Model. And i fell in love with her. Twiggy was the sweetest of all the judges. So of course, i did more research as to whom she was during her "golden years" as a model. Ever since then, every time i look at her model pics from when she was younger, it reminds me of Barbie... Probably because of her porcelain-like skin.

What do you think? Isn't she a doll?

I would assume that Barbie was influenced by Twiggy's looks, but Barbie was introduced in 1959. Twiggy didnt debut til the 60's. I guess it doesnt matter; they're both beautiful.

Speaking of Barbie, wouldn't be cool if u could really have her clothes. I used to wish for that when i was younger. Just give me all of her clothes and i'll be great! lol. So let's make dreams come true - here's a video of the Barbie Fashion Show 2009:

You can see the whole show here.
ENJOY! -Allie ;)

Celebrating 100 years in the industry.

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  1. Hey =) thanks for commenting on my Barbie post! I agree, Twiggy resembles Barbie, and they're both pretty! Haha, I always wished I had Barbie's wardrobe too. Except I get the feeling I couldn't put it off quite as well...


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