If I Were A Super Hero...

Well one guy is actually living his childhood dream and Shadow Hare is his name... serving his community and protecting the streets of Cincinnati , Ohio.

This is what happens when there's too many super hero movies. Just kidding. I love those things. But honestly, although this is hilariously hilarious, this guy either has nothing better to with his time or is completely devoted to fighting crime. You decide... The police is worried about this vigilante but i say if they were really worried they would find out who this guy is! He has a MySpace page! C'mon now! Really?!

Check this article about him: News.SoftPedia

Anywho if you could be a Super hero, what would your power be?

Personally, i like the idea of super enhanced agility... something like Cat Woman or the way Spiderman flips around. That plus amazing fighting skills would be AWESOMEEEE!!!!

via: YouTube , TMZ


  1. LOL isn't this exactly what happened on South park a few weeks ago! lol

  2. OMG! Seriously?! That's so funny. lol. ^_^.


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