Diary Entry

OMG, i was sooo sick fo the past week! Not the swine flu or anything (giggles) but just some average bodily malfunctuntions that happens when stuff happens. Anywho, yesterday i was feeling all better.. and i'm still better. YAY!

Okay so past that, my family had a get-together/family-day/welcome back party for my uncle. He was "on vacation," as Granny once said. Well, after being bound by the comforts of my covers for a week, so i took the\is chance to take an extended glimpse of life around me. I usually do this at family occassions but i havent been around them for soooo long; i kinda lost who they were. So i just watched, remembered, assumed, and pondered. Just in case, u're wondering i'm not one for words at these functions. Although this kinda contradicts myself because this entry will be lengthy. YOU ARE FORE-WARNED! lol.

The event was nice. I felt comfortable... and right. Like i said, we havent had "family day" in so long. And there were different touches in this one but i'd like to think they were all touch-ups. (awww... happy tear lol). There were two noticeable moments of thoughts that occurred:

One: When my cousin and I rode with my "welcome-home-uncle" to the liquor store. The way he drove was sooo.... free. He was going about 90 to 100 mph on the highway (where i stay, traffic flows around 65 to 70). He was so gone... not in terms of speed, people speed all the time... this one tho... i mean he hasnt driven on the rodes in years and the energy in the car was... um, whats the word... rejuvenating, maybe? Yea, lets go with that. I didnt mind his fast driving, usually i do mind other's driving, but i just looked down to not psych myself out and joked with my cousin. It felt good knowing that he appreciated the home coming.

Two: I hitched a ride to my boyfriends house with my cousins and aunt. Just watching their interactions, made me smile. They're so goofy. lol. I love them. It also reminded me how different we are and how some-what awkward i am. Not in a bad way tho, i embrace it. I would try to change it but... eh, whatever. I used to be slightly envious of how female in general interact with each other (I was probably more curious than envious). The way girls are usually giddy and touchy and girly (for lack of a better explanation). I'm somewhat stand-offish and reserved, even when these actions are done towards me. And although i'm not disappointed about lacking these personal characteristics, i really appreciate people who do. And i would try to mimick but then it's mimicking and not genuine. Although eventually it will become so, I'm not sure i want that forced awkward stage yet. But i love they're interaction and playfulness with each other. Once again... it felt rejuvenating? and free. Kudos to u guys. XOXO
And once reaching my boyfriend's house, after saying my"hello's" and "i'm home's", i laid with him and he hugged me so tight. Words cannot descreibe how good i felt. And after being bound by the comforts of my covers for a week, i too felt free. And then i thought how funny it is how we can feel so loose and bound at the same time. Like a mother's snuggle with a child, if you will... Like bungee jumping with the string but without the feeling of the string. I always awe myself over these things that people always talk about... the general rules of life... and realize how so true they are.

Anywho, sorry so lengthy... I told ya! ^_^! Have a FABULOUS day! And remember to smile. No really.... i mean it. Smile. Later!

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