What He's Wearing, vol 1

A quick look at Men's Fashion for Spring 09 according to Jean Paul Gaultier:

Maybe it's the model or the outfit, but it has a lot of swagg. I'm feelin the jacket (plaid is really hott this season). The striped shirt underneathe is pretty hott too. Not sure how in love i am with the shoes and socks though. Another model had black pants on with a basic colored top under the jacket. That look was pretty hott too. It reminded me of a old western cowboy. lol. ^_^.

Obviously Gaultier is trying to push the hat. But i especially love it with this outfit. I REALLY, REALLY like this look. It's probably my fave out of all the whole collection. The paid sweater vest with the striped trouser. Amazing.



  1. So I guess its all about golf, cowboys, stripes, and plaid! This stuff is of course a little extreme but I'm intrigued to see what it will bring on the retail level of fashion.

  2. yeah. i walked into this store called Rainbow that my friends and i usually go to and it was nothing but plaid! i dont usually wear plaid that often (or never) but some of the shirts were cute. And i saw a whole bunch of plaid jackets at a store my boyfriend shops.
    anywho, the thing i learned about runway is u gotta take the outfit apart and look at single items, cuz someone wearing the whole thing is a bit crazy. lol. Or you look at the idea of the outfit and create your own look...


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