Wake up Mr. West

So i was watching "106 and Park" on BET yesterday. I RARELY watch BET... i probably turn to it once every other month... not even that. So anywho, yesterday was one of those days i decided to give BET a try. 106 and Park was on and i witnessed the last part of Jamie Fox rapping. lol. wowzers. I kinda wish i saw that one. After that they were like "Kanye's coming on next" and since i kinda consider myself a K.West Fan i stuck around.

They premiered his video "Amazing" featuring Jezzy and some other guy's video in which Kanye was featured. Both videos were hott. You should check them out. That GLC guy seemed pretty cool.

But that's not what i wanted to tallk about. I wanted to touch on Kanye's comment about his ego. Terrence asked him how his music was going and Kanye was trying to be humble about it. He attempted to be humble the whole time until the end. lol. It's okay Kanye; you tried. And honestly, i dont think people would love him as much as they do if he didnt have somewhat of an ego. And i dont think it would be called an ego if his boastfulness was in moderation. I believe, Kanye admitting his flaws and still speaking of your conifdence is a beautiful thing and encourages others to do the same. When one has such a big impact on music and fashion and sooo many other things how can u not be like "I'm the Sh!t". I like Kanye the way he is, and to be honest, he looked uncomfortable when he bit his tongue. I could tell when he had something to say. So just be yourself and forget everyone else. You said u want "super-fans"... those people appreciate u and ur art no matter what...

Not saying that u should just forget about working on ur ego if thats what u want to do. Just do it for u not for all those people who may not even be Kanye fans.

Here's GLC's video "Big Screen" featuring Kanye West:

Kanye West feat. Young Jezzy "Amazing" and last part of interview

via: Youtube:GLC, Youtube:Kanye

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