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Flowers on My Fingers

I love flowers. I mean, what girl doesnt? Well... i guess there are a couple out there who arent fond of them. I would probably buy them more often if i knew how to take care of them. But with this ring i dont have to worry about it... i'll have "Spring on [My] Fingers."

This Glove is... (all synonyms for cool). lol.

OMG i want it. I NEEEEED this glove! (gawk & drool)

via: HighSnobette


  1. mm i like flowers too. especially DAiSiES <3333
    those rings are so pretty! i totally want one noww (:

  2. Love the rings and glove...the glove reminds me of some that are made by Etsy seller Lost Mitten...Yeah I gotta make an order from that gal! The one above is edgier, though.


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